How to Design Dialogs

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You design dialog windows to give the end user functionality not directly related to data structure. A dialog can give the end user a platform to start on-line batch jobs from, or a catalog for easy access to application elements.

To design a dialog class:

1. In the Windows Designer catalog, click on the Dialog tab page.
2. In the tree view, right-click on the Dialog node, or a another dialog class for which you wish to make a subclass, and select New from the resulting menu.

A new dialog subclass will be added to the catalog.

3. Right-click on the new subclass, and rename it as required
4. Make any required changes that are specific to this dialog class, for example:
· Open the Property Inspector to inspect and/or change any of the dialog's properties.
· Open the Controls tab page in the catalog , and insert controls into the dialog by dragging-and-dropping them onto the design view of the new dialog class.
5. Save your changes.