How to Design Info Boxes

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You design info boxes as a primary user interface to the application data. USoft provides default info windows for each of the tables in the data model. Each info window contains an info box, which in turn contains column controls for each column in the table.

In USoft Developer, designing info boxes means customizing this default interface.

You can design:

· New subclasses of default info box classes.


· New info box classes based on an existing table and on one of the style sheets.

Do not change the default info box classes provided by USoft. Creating your own subclasses, or new info box classes allows you to revert to the default classes if necessary.

Subclasses inherit properties from all their superclasses. New info box classes only inherit from their Base Table class and their generic style sheet class.

You design or customize info box classes by:

· Setting or changing properties of the info box itself, the window it is shown in, or the objects (controls) it contains.


· Inserting controls into it, or deleting controls from it, as appropriate.

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