How to Import an External Schema XML Export File

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The purpose of an external schema XML export file is to copy a GUI class from one repository or application to another. First export the GUI class from the source repository by creating an XML export file, and then import the class into the target repository by importing the export file created earlier.

To import and XML export file into a target repository or application:

1. In USoft Binder, open a Binder file pointing to the target repository or application, or create such a file.
2. From this Binder file, open the Windows Designer.
3. Check that the target repository or application meets all prerequisites for importing the XML export file.
4. From the menu bar choose Tools, Import....

The Import dialog appears.

5. Specify the file name identifying the export file, or click Browse, and click OK. If inconsistencies are detected, a Report on Import Dialog is opened with further details.