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To insert an extra query:

1. Use the Windows Designer catalog to open the appropriate window/dialog.
2. In the design view, select the Info Box into which you want to insert an extra query.
3. From the menu bar, choose Insert, Extra Query.

A dummy Extra Query and its resulting field are inserted.

4. Select the Extra Query in the Object Tree for the window/dialog, and open the Property Inspector.


Do NOT specify the underlying query by selecting the dummy field and setting its Values property. This does not produce the desired result.

5. In the Property Inspector, select the Underlying Query property and press the upper Edit (...) button.

The SQL Definer opens, enabling you to specify the query.

6. Specify the Underlying Query statement. On the Query Tree tab page, select Save from the right mouse-menu. Close the SQL Definer.

One or more extra column controls are added to the current info box to display the extra query result. Use the Property Inspector to change their location and display properties. Prompts are taken from the select list of the extra query's SQL statement.

7. Save your changes.

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