How to Insert Joined Columns

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Info boxes may "borrow" one or more columns from their parent, the so-called joined columns. Typically, these columns are used to display non-key information (especially if the key columns are not very meaningful to the end user). It is also possible, however, to borrow key columns. (In case of embedded (related) info boxes, the primary key columns of the parent are already part of the child info box, but have been set to non-displayed.)


Joined columns, whether inserted via the Windows Designer or specified in the Definer, cannot be accessed via ODBC.

To insert a joined column:

1. Use the Windows Designer catalog to open the appropriate window/dialog.
2. In the design view, select the Info Window object that is the child in the relationship.
3. From the menu bar, choose Insert, Joined Columns.
4. From the dialog that appears, choose the table, then the relationship, and then the column(s) that you want to borrow.
5. Click OK.