How to Insert Two or More Buttons

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Buttons are usually located on the right-hand side of windows/dialogs. If you want two or more buttons in a row (i.e. next to each other), this is best achieved by grouping them.


If you frequently need to insert the same combination of buttons (e.g. OK, Cancel, Apply), you can design a standard dialog class that just contains these buttons, and then insert this standard dialog into the window or dialog class that needs them.

To add two or more buttons:

1. Use the Windows Designer catalog to open the window/dialog to which you want to add two or more buttons.
2. In the design view, make sure the highest-level Info Window object (for windows) or Dialog Box object (for dialogs) is selected.
3. From the menu bar, choose Insert, Button, or drag and drop a button from the Control tab page of the Windows Designer catalog.
4. Repeat the previous step for each of the buttons you want to add.
5. Holding down the CTRL key, click on each of the inserted buttons, and then from the menu bar, choose Format, Group.
6. Select the group (either via the Object tree, or by clicking on one of the buttons, holding down the ALT key and then clicking on that button again).
7. From the menu bar, choose Format, Alignment, and then choose Right or Bottom.

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