How to Make a Class Read-Only

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Once you have created your own (sub)class for a particular purpose, or once you have created the style guide for your application, you may want to protect your work from inadvertent changes. You can do this by making a class of objects read-only. Once a class is read-only, you cannot save any changes made to it. It is still possible, however, to save the changes as a subclass.


Template classes are initially read-only. Note also that you cannot change the properties of a class that is currently open in the design view. Close the class first.

To make a class read-only:

1. In the Windows Designer catalog , select the class you want to protect.
2. From the menu bar, choose View, Properties, or right-mouse click and choose Properties.
· Check the Read-Only box.
· If desired, write comments in the Description field.
3. Click OK.