How to Make Menu Options State-Sensitive

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Certain menu options may not be very useful in certain situations, for example because other office duties have to be performed first. By making these options sensitive to the state your information system is in, you can prevent these options from being inappropriately activated.


It is not only the menu line that is displayed as "unavailable" (i.e. gray instead of black text), but also the corresponding button on the toolbar (if a button has been defined, of course).

To make menu options state-sensitive:

1. From the menu catalog, accessible from the Menus tab page of the Windows Designer Catalog double-click the menu page containing the menu line or submenu that you wish to make sensitive. The menu page is opened in the design area.
2. In the design area, open the property inspector for the menu line or submenu that you wish to make sensitive. Set the properties under the Sensitivity heading in the Property Inspector as appropriate, making use of the Property Inspector help.
3. Save your changes.


You can also make a menu option state-sensitive by using the action: