How to Use the Controls for Style Sheet Option

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By including controls in a style sheet, you specify what these controls will look and feel like IF the class has such controls. (For example: if this dialog has a button, then it will be blue.)


If you insert controls in Controls for Style Sheet windows, these controls will appear in all info boxes/dialogs that are based on the style sheet.

You can only do this if both the style sheet window on which the Controls for Style Sheet window is based, and the control itself are read/write.

To use the Controls for Style Sheet option::

1. Use the Windows Designer catalog to open the style sheet for which you want to define Controls for Style Sheet specifications.
2. From the menu bar, choose Design, Controls For Style Sheet.
3. Use the Controls tab page of the Windows Designer catalog to drag and drop the required control classes onto the design view. (Do NOT use the Insert menu in this case.)
4. Use the Property Inspector to give the control classes the required look and feel.
5. Save your changes.


You can only save your changes if you have actually specified a particular setting for the control. Just inserting it is not enough.

If you now open any of the info box classes inheriting from the style sheet and insert one of the controls involved into it, the control will take on your specifications.