How to Work from ESI Flat Files When Developing a GUI

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Starting the Windows Designer on a large application (many tables) may take some time because all the class information has to be read from the (conceptual and/or external) repository. You can improve performance using the following procedure:

1. Make sure no changes have been made to the conceptual repository since you last opened the Windows Designer.
2. Generate an ESI file called (for example) MYTEMP.ESI by specifying in the dialog that the application name is MYTEMP, and put it in the appropriate directory. If there are other Windows Designer users, you need to distribute the MYTEMP.ESI file to them.
3. From the menu bar, choose File, New Application to start a new application named (for example) MYAPP and specify MYTEMP as the template.

From now on, do all your design work in this application MYAPP. This can be achieved by using "-app MYAPP" on the Windows Designer command line, or from the Windows Designer menu bar by choosing File, Open Application, and specifying MYAPP.

Advantage: you will only fetch those classes from the RDBMS that you have actually changed in the Windows Designer. All other classes will be used from the MYTEMP.ESI file, which is a much faster way to get them.