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USoft Developer is an integrated product set for the development and maintenance of client-server business applications. The objects, definitions, and rules of your information systems need only be stored once in a central repository. From this single point of definition, USoft Developer will auto-generate your application software, both at the client and the server.

The Windows Designer allows you to take full advantage of the definitions in the repository while designing end user applications. Unlike other graphical interface design tools, which do not know anything about the structure of the data in the database, the Windows Designer creates default building blocks for particular database objects and handles their synchronization elegantly thanks to its understanding of the relationships between them. In addition, it offers powerful facilities for re-using definitions, thanks to its inheritance mechanism. In this way, it solves the problem of developing maintainable GUI applications.

Once the database objects with their relationships and rules have been defined, you can design windows (Info Windows, Lookup Windows, Related Windows, Subtype Windows) that end users can open to browse through information, and edit it. USoft Developer provides you with default windows for each database object. You may tailor these windows to suit your needs, or design new ones, defining their information content, layout and behavior.

You can also design Dialog Boxes. A Dialog Box is a user interface object that enables you, for example, to run an operating-system command to which end users can pass parameters. Or that you use to prompt the end user for additional information, or to change properties.