Related Query Statements

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Child records in related info boxes are synchronized with the current parent record by a query statement that refers to the parent primary key:


FROM   <child table> ct

WHERE (:"Parent*<parent primary key>" = ct.<foreign key>

OR    (:"Parent*<parent primary key>" IS NULL

     AND ct.<foreign key> IS NULL))

In this statement, the "Parent*" keyword represents the parent table. The string that refers to the parent primary key is preceded by a colon and surrounded by double quotes, in the same way as an embedded method call. You can influence data synchronization by editing the query statement:

· You can synchronize grandchild data and grandparent data without displaying parent data.


· You can handle NULL values differently.


· You can synchronize data in two parent tables of the same child table (intersection table) without displaying the intersection table.


· You can remove some of the child columns by SELECTing only the others.