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This scenario is part of Actions Example 9: Dialog for Search Conditions.

To create the Search Results window, take these steps.

1. 1. In the catalog, create a Search Results subclass of the Scheduled Tours info window.
2. 2. Using the Object Activator, compose the following method call script for the Post-open property.

myStartDate() and myNumberofDays() are user-defined properties for storing the values passed by the search dialog.

QueryDefine(  )

query.start_date( FORMULA( ''>'||TO_CHAR(TO_DATE(:1,'YYYY/MMDDHH24MISS'),'DD-MM-YYYY')',  myStartDate() ) )

query.return_date( FORMULA( ''<'||TO_CHAR(TO_DATE(:1,'YYYY/MMDDHH24MISS')+:2,'DD-MM-YYYY')',  myStartDate(),  myNumberOfDays() ) )

QueryExecute(  )

Here are the steps for writing this script:

1. Open the Property Inspector for the Search Results info window, select the Post-open property and click the Edit/Compose button to open the Object Activator.
2. Make sure the Search Results info window is selected in the Object Browser tree view (top-left).
3. Click the Properties tab page and click New.
4. In the New Property dialog, define a property with Name = myStartDate, Class = String and Argument Position = 1, and then click OK.
5. Add a second property with Name = myNumberOfDays, Class = String, and Argument Position = 2.
6. Click the Methods tab page. Select the QueryDefine method from the Methods list (put the cursor on any method in this list and type Q to scroll down), and then click Add.
7. Put the cursor on the query.start_date node in the Object Browser and click Add.
8. Put the cursor on the empty node below the query.startdate( ) method call.
9. Click the Formula button.
10. Put the cursor on the empty node below the FORMULA method call, and click the Edit button.
11. Type:


12. Place the cursor on the empty node below this first parameter.
13. Select the Search Results info window in the Object Browser tree view.
14. Click the Properties tab page, and select the myStartDate property.
15. Click the Set button.
16. Proceed in the same way to add the two remaining method calls.

The window is now ready to receive two search conditions and execute the query using those conditions.

Continue with Search by Start Date Dialog.