Setting a Property Value Using a Method Call

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You can use a method call to set or reset the current value of a property. The property may be of a native USoft object, or an ActiveX object. The syntax used for (re)setting a property value is:

<object name>.<property name> (<new value>)

In the Object Activator, to set a property value, first select the object in the Object Browser pane, then select the property from the Properties tab page, and then click Add. In the Script box, select the empty parameter child node of the newly inserted method call, and type or compose the value you want to set the property to.

You can only set a property in this way WITHIN the window class (the info window, dialog or control class) currently being designed. To refer to properties of objects outside the current info box, dialog or control, see Method Calls Between Windows.

To set the current day value of an instance of a MyCalendar subclass of Microsoft's Calendar Control to "10", use:


You can even set properties of embedded objects in this way:


To set or reset the current on-screen value in the DEPT column control to "SOLD", write:


To set or reset the current on-screen value in the non-database Text Box 1 to "SOLD", write: