USoft Developer and ActiveX

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ActiveX is Microsoft's component technology. It is a set of standards that include:

· Automation: A standard for calling applications.


· Controls: a visible component with properties, events, and methods, that can be called using Automation.


· Documents: components such as Word documents, Excel worksheets, etc.

ActiveX components can be embedded into applications. A growing number of vendors provide ActiveX components that offer everything from customizable user interface elements to database-aware charting controls to streaming media players. These components can now be used in USoft Applications. ActiveX components are often available for free, or you can build them yourself, using Visual Basic for example.


In a USoft Production environment, any components that form part of the application must be installed on the client machines. It is your responsibility to verify the quality and integrity of any ActiveX controls that you use.


Before ActiveX controls can be used in an application, the same version of these controls have to exist on:

· The computers where the application is developed.


· The computers where the application is planned to be used.


· The computers where the .ESI flat file is generated. If the ActiveX control does not exist on this PC, repository data of this control will not be generated into a .esi flat file.

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