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Makes objects sensitive to input from keyboard and mouse. You can use this to change sensitivity of any control, but the change of sensitivity is not cascaded downwards. For example, setting an Info Window insensitive does not make its children insensitive. There are two exceptions. The first exception are windows: making the window shell insensitive disables the entire window. The second is that setting the sensitivity of a column display is cascaded downwards to the data fields, lookup and subtype buttons.


ControlSetSensitive([<object> [,<objects>...]])



(optional) The name of, or old-style path to, the display object that you want to make sensitive.


The names of, or old-style paths to, other display objects to be made sensitive.


If you want to set a column sensitive, you could do this in one of the following ways:

· Method call in the context of the intended target:

query.myColumn.<column display>.ControlSetSensitive()

where <column display> could be: esd_char, esd_option, etc.

· Method call with path to the intended target: