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Opens an info box, lookup window, related window, secondary window or dialog of a specified class.

This method is generated for you when you drag-and-drop a window class from a Task Modeler catalog onto the Script box in the Object Activator.


<window class name> [( ? [, ? ...] )].Window.Create()


Window class name

Name of the window class you drag-and-drop from the catalog to the Script box in the Object Activator. It is generated automatically.

[( ? [, ? ...] )]

Question marks are placeholders for creation arguments in the call. They depend on whether you have defined properties for the window class you are opening. For each user-defined property with an Argument Position in the window, a placeholder appears together with a subnode in the Script tree where you can specify the value(s) to be passed to the opening window.

Example: no parameter


In this case, you can also use WindowCreate method and the syntax will be:


Example 1 : with creation arguments


Example 2: with creation arguments

SearchDialog( Self(), query.destination(), query.family_name() ) Window.Create()




On a dialog, you cannot use the Create() method to call a related or lookup window. Instead, to call a lookup window from a dialog, use the Related Column property of a Text Box object.