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Makes the specified menu option sensitive or insensitive. The menu option is identified by the prompts shown in the interface.

Use the MenubarSetItem() method only for incidental changes to menu sensitivity. Menu option sensitivity in general can be set in USoft Definer for each menu option. There are separate settings for a number of application states, such as Query Mode. For this reason, the effect of MenubarSetItem() only lasts until the application state changes.

This method can only be used for menu options that:

· Are located in submenus of the main menu shown in the menubar.


· Do not lead to a further submenu.


MenubarSetItem(<menu page prompt>, <menu item prompt>, {'On'|'Off'})


menu page prompt

The menu page name as found in the interface.

menu item prompt

The menu item name as found in the interface.


Makes the menu option sensitive (ON) or insensitive (OFF).




It is a known restriction that the first parameter is not used as search criterium. Thus, you are advised to use this method only on menu items that have unique prompts.