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The methods exposed by native USoft Developer objects can be divided into the following categories:

· Starting and stopping applications


· Performing queries


· Moving the cursor between records


· Manipulating data


· Manipulating controls


· Communicating with the user


· Manipulating windows


· Providing help


· Working with files and folders


· Working with resources


· Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)


· Miscellaneous methods


· Communicating with the operating system


· Push Button methods


· OLE/ActiveX Container methods


Some methods appear in more than one functional category. .


For Post-change, Pre-insert Validation, Pre-update Validation, and Pre-delete events, avoid calling methods that change data on the screen or in the database. This can cause looping when one event triggers another, which in turn triggers the first, and so on. Try to keep the activation of events in the hands of the user as much as possible.

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