Advantages of Using SQL

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USoft uses standard ANSI SQL as the specification language for explicit business rules, making it very easy to map to any relational database. What makes SQL such a rich and powerful language is its ability to specify conditions about the data in a way that looks similar to natural language. The common SQL SELECT construct is used for restricting conditions, and UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE are used for correcting conditions. Through the implementation of the rules in this SQL form, the Rules Engine will protect the integrity of the database. Essentially, incorrect data cannot exist in the database. Data will not be allowed if it does not obey the business rules.

USoft SQL Definer

Another reason SQL is used is because it is a common skill in the industry, which translates to reduced training requirements and transferable skills for developers. USoft even takes steps to ease the transformation into rule development using the graphical SQL Definer. This allows the developer to drag and drop objects or relationships involved in the business rule. If the relationship is used, then USoft displays both objects involved in the relationship, and incorporates the columns that join the objects.