Key Characteristics of Good Business Rules Based Systems

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Single Point Of Definition. Business rules are defined and stored only once in only one location.

Automatic rules evaluation

Automatic coordination and rules evaluation is required. A so-called Rules Engine and not a programmer, is responsible for determining which rules must be evaluated when, and in what sequence.

Non-Trivial Issues Only

All trivial aspects of business systems must be provided by the development environment automatically, otherwise the rules get swamped in "ordinary" code

Deploy anywhere

The business specifications in rules must be independent of the database, middleware or GUI platform on which the system is deployed.


In order to meet growing performance demand of the organization, one should be able to scale up the rules based system without having to change the rules.

I-RAD support

Immediate validation of changes on rules is recommended. Analysts and users can then evaluate any changes directly in the generated application.


Full cross-reference between rules and the data model is essential in order to be able to find and retrieve rules and to assess the impact of any change.