Max_Driver_Conditions (Additional Parameter)

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In constraints where the primary key of the driving table cannot directly be found, the Rules Engine adds joins to the main SELECT statement (key-query or select-for-update) by calculating a path from the changed table to the driving table, to reduce the number of driver keys that are checked. In some situations, it can be useful to add not only the (first) path found to the driver, but also to add as many other conditions as possible. This may again reduce the number of driver keys to be checked. A disadvantage is that the main query becomes more complex and thus may require more time. You can use the Max_Driver_Conditions additional parameter to specify whether or not extra conditions should be added to the main query.

Allowed values are:

· False (the default)


· True

When this parameter is set to 'True', the Rules Engine will add as many conditions as possible to the main query.