Remove Columns from Main Query

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Remove columns that the user does not need from the main query object.


When removing columns from the main query object of a window or info box, remove them from the query rather than at interface level. ESI will now generate an interface without fields for these columns. This will speed up not only ESI retrieval but also data processing. This is because removed columns are not included in SQL processing. If you make unneeded columns non-displayed rather than removing them from the query statement, this will not improve performance.

When to use

If there are columns in the main query of a window or info box that the user does not need, and the application does not need either.

To remove a column from the main query:

1. Use the Class Catalog to select and open the appropriate window.
2. From the menu, choose Edit, Select, Main Query.
3. In the Property Inspector, select the Underlying Query property.
4. Remove the column from the SELECT clause.


Data manipulation is only possible if all mandatory columns are available.