Scaleable Transparent Deployment

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The USoft environment allows you to deploy your system on any supported physical environment, without having to make many changes in your business model. In other words, the business rules you have defined will run just as well on Oracle or DB/2, and it is also possible to deploy your USoft application on the World Wide Web.

In practice this means that you can develop your system on your laptop and then hand it over for deployment under a Transaction Processing monitor for use by hundreds of users. You will not need to change a thing. The Rules Engine has been tuned so that the rules are processed as efficiently as possible on any of the platforms. It also contains an intelligent SQL optimizer that fully manages the database communication.

Once the rules have been established, it is a trivial matter to replace the interface, whether it is a GUI screen, a web browser, a batch job, a spreadsheet or a report. Likewise, once the rules are in place, it is a simple matter to change the data layer from one RDBMS vendor to another.

This level of abstraction allows the application developers to concentrate on what the application needs to do, instead of focusing on the mechanics of how it is going to happen. Just as relational database managers increased development productivity by freeing the developers from worrying about mechanical file I/O, the Rules Engine frees developers from worrying about when and how the business rules are executed.