Comparing XML Repositories

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XML repositories and releases can be compared in the following ways.

· A Definer comparison, comparing specific Definer sections (Structure, Rules, Batch,…), or using a repository basket (shopping list).


· An Authorizer comparison, with or without a basket.


· A Release comparison, comparing two releases of a repository version.


· A Backup comparison, comparing a release with its backup.

For Definer and Authorizer comparisons, the source and target repository (type) can be set to XML or Database. When set to Database, the repository version is exported first, before the comparison is performed.

Release and Backup comparisons do not perform any export, they only compare.


Definer and Authorizer Comparisons can be characterized into four types, depending on whether the repository is in XML or in the database. Each of these types has its own dynamics:


· Offline XML Analysis (Source XML, Target XML).


· Export and Compare (Source Database, Target Database).


· Track Changes (Source XML, Target Database).


· Synchronize and Import (Source Database, Target XML).

These values are determined automatically and shown in a non-updatable field in the Comparisons window. They are also used to categorize comparisons visually on the Configure tab of the catalog, with four different icons.


The name of a comparison is used in the generated comparison files. For example:

MyComparison.xml, MyComparison.pdf, MyComparison.imp.xml