How to Export a Definer Repository

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To export a Definer repository version:

1. From the catalog, open (double-click) the repository version you want to export.

The Repository Versions window opens.

2. Make sure that the values in the User, Password, and Database fields are correct.


If you plan to export USoft 7.0/7.1 repositories, you have to specify the path to your USoft 7 installation folder in the following file once:


<usoft version 8 installation folder>\


3. In the Repository Versions window, click the Export Repository button.


You can also right-click the repository version in the catalog, and choose Export Repository¬Ö

4. Read the question text, and click Yes if you want to export this repository.

A DOS command box is opened, and a USoft Definer is opened for the specified account. In this Definer, the repository is exported.


Depending on the size of the repository, this may take a while.

Once the export is finished, the DOS command box and the USoft Definer window are closed. In the Repository Manager, the message Repository Export finished appears.

5. In the Repository Export finished message, click OK.

In the Repository Versions window, the Exported On field is set to the current date and time.

In the catalog, the icon of this repository version changes to denote that an XML export has been made.