How to Load Sample Templates

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Once you have installed USoft Repository Manager, you can load some sample repository versions and baskets. This includes:

· A TEMPLATES and TRAVEL repository definition with three repository versions:
· NULL (the empty repository).


· USD8_INIT (USD after creapp).


· TRAVEL (Travel Agency basic version).

These three XML repositories are copied to the Repository Versions folder, as defined in the Folder Locations window.

· Four often-used repository baskets: core system, core system with teamwork, structure and rules, and Authorizing.


· A TRAVEL comparison (definition), that lets you perform a comparison between the USD8_INIT and TRAVEL repository versions.


· A Make TRAVEL on Derby task set that provides all ingredients to create a TRAVEL repository on a Derby database.

To load sample repository versions and baskets:

1. From the Repository Manager menu, select Tools, Load Sample Templates.


This imports an XML document named LoadSampleTemplates.xml.