How to View Comparison Results

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To view the results of a comparison:

1. On the Configure tab page of the catalog, expand the Comparisons node, and locate and open the Comparison to be analyzed.
2. Perform one of the following tasks:
· Click the View XML button to view the comparison in an external editor.
· Click the Statistics button to calculate statistics of the differences between two repositories, in terms of number of inserted, deleted, and updated records.
· This generates a stats.xml file.
· Click the Differences… button to open an XML Repository Differences window that shows the content of the XML difference report.
· Use this window only to search small XML documents, or to perform an explicit Search on an Object Name Plural or value. The field at the right shows the XML content of one record in the difference report.
· Click the blue IMP button to the right of the USoft Import XML field to view the .imp.xml document that can be used to change the SOURCE into the TARGET repository.
· Click the PDF button to the right of the PDF Difference Report field to view the comparison results in PDF format.
· If a USoft Import XML or a PDF Difference Report has not yet been created, you can click one of the two green arrow buttons to instantly generate this document.


The generated xml, pdf, and .imp.xml documents can also be accessed from the catalog, when expanding the Comparison: