Tasks within a Task Set

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Each task is a combination of a task type, a repository type (Definer, Authorizer, BenchMark, or Application), a Host Repository, and few more optional settings. The task type can be one of the following:

· A Compare task performs either a Comparison or a Release Comparison on a Host Repository.


· A Create task creates a repository or application in the database. It has the same effect as running Create Tables from USoft Binder.

Task Details for a Create task are:

· Drop Tables [ Yes|No ]


· Create From [ Database|Flat Files|(N.A) ]
· An Export task exports a repository, application, or release. It can use a Basket.


· A Flat Files task generates one or more flat files (CON, EXT, ESI, JOB) of a repository, or makes these flat files the active ones.

Task Details for a Flat Files task are:

· Flat File Action [ All |CON | ESI | EXT | JOB | Set from here ]
· An Import Into task imports the USoft Import XML document of a Comparison or Release Comparison into the Host Repository.

Task Details for an Import Into task are:

· Include Commit [ Yes | No ]
· An Open task simply opens a Definer, Authorizer, or Application.


· A Task Set task runs another Task Set, as part of the current task set.


· Finally, an XML View task opens an XML document in an external editor. This can be the XML repository of the Host Repository, or a Comparison, or a Release Comparison.