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An example program called CONFRMNC.EXE is available. The program lists the conformance and capabilities of an ODBC driver.

To run the program, open a DOS command shell. Go to the BIN subdirectory of the installed USoft Series product set, e.g. C:\Program Files\USD8\BIN. Then type:

confrmnc.exe <outputfilename>

Where <outputfilename> is replaced by a filename for storing the retrieved information.

You are then prompted to enter the Data Source Name, User ID and password that will be used to make a connection. If the connection fails an error message will be displayed and the program stops.

If the connection to the ODBC driver succeeds, the following information will be written to the output file you specified when starting the program:

· Connection parameters


· Supported ODBC functions (Version 1.0 and 2.0)


· General driver information


· DBMS product information


· SQL support information


· Supported SQL data types


· Supported SQL scalar functions, divided into:
· Numeric functions


· String functions


· System functions


· Time & Date functions


· Convert functions