Creating Applications from Flat Files

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If you have application files created elsewhere for use in this USoft production environment, but the application has not yet been created, create the application as follows:


This procedure assumes you have already installed authorization tables for the production environment.

1. Start the USoft Binder, and create a new development project containing an application project item.


2. Set the project properties as described in the USoft Binder Help.


3. Set the project item properties for the application item so that the Application name reflects the name of the flat files, and so that the source of the application is flat files.


4. From the work area of the USoft Binder, click your RIGHT mouse button on the Application project item.


5. Choose Create Tables from the menu displayed, and follow the instructions.

USoft Binder then starts CREAPP.EXE. This command takes the information it needs from "<application_name>.con" and "<application_name>.ext" (see above), and fills T_TABLE and T_COLUMN with the table and column information for the application. This information is referred to when defining application authorization. An entry is also made in the authorization tables, to authorize the application owner to the application.

In addition, the TABLE_SEQUENCE_NUMBERS table is created (essential in a Sybase environment). The sequences used on Oracle are also created. Then, these tables are populated with initial data.

You can now double-click on the Application item in the USoft Binder to start the application.