If you are Installing on Windows Vista or Windows 7

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Before you can use Web Designer or run Web applications under Windows Vista or Windows 7, Internet Information Services V7 (IIS7) must be installed and ASP must be included in the installation as an Application Development Feature. Refer to your Windows documentation for details of how to do this.


Before making administrative changes to Windows Vista, you should temporarily disable User Account Control using the User Accounts option in the Windows Control Panel. Once you have finished making changes, enable User Account Control again.

On Windows Vista or Windows 7, an ASP page on IIS7 can only read 200 Kbytes from a request by default. This is not enough for a USoft Web Application, and must be increased. To do this, you must configure IIS7 using the Control Panel, as follows:

1. Open the Control Panel from the Windows Start Menu.
2. Double-click "Administrative Tools".
3. Double-click "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager".
4. Open the first item in the IIS catalog - (local website/computer).
5. Double-click the ASP icon in the IIS section of the resulting list in the main Control Panel pane. A list of properties appears (make sure that you are viewing in "Features View" - see buttons at base of window).
6. Expand the Limits Properties section of the list and find the Maximum Requesting Entity Body Limit property.
7. Change the value of this property from 200000 to a larger value, e.g. 1073741824.
8. Click the Apply option in the right-hand pane. If the change was successful, you will see the message "The changes have been successfully saved".
9. Exit the Control Panel.