Notes on SQL Server Version 7.0 Support

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Microsoft SQL Server has changed in version 7. USoft now provides a driver supporting MS SQL Server 7.0 based on OLE DB.

Microsoft has declared end of support on DB-Library. Thus, USoft's existing MS SQL Server driver, based on Sybase DB-Library, used for both Microsoft SQL Server Version 6.5 and the Sybase database, will become obsolete, with the advent of Microsoft's SQL Server version 7. Microsoft supports DB-Library only for backward compatibility, i.e. no new functionality will be added to it. It is recommended that DB-Library should not be used in new developments since Microsoft will discontinue DB-Library in the near future. Note that upgrading SQL Server to Version 7.0 will not require any changes to SQL or constraints in your existing USoft application.

Since the new driver is based on OLE DB the consumer components must be installed on the client. This is performed automatically during SQL Server 7.0 client setup.