Oracle 8.1.6

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USoft is unstable when used in combination with Oracle 8.1.6 client software. When a reference to a (parent) table is locked, while this table has been modified in a previous transaction, USoft will dump. This happens for example when in the Definer a domain is created in one transaction, and subsequently in a next transaction a column is added to a table. This problem is caused by an error in the Oracle client software. It affects all USoft versions that support Oracle 8.1 client software. Note that this problem was fixed by Oracle in Oracle

To work around this problem, add the following line to the USoft resource files:

*maxOpenCursor : -1

On Microsoft Windows add it to the files:

· APP\USDI and



on Unix systems, add it to the file:

· app-defaults/USDI

This resource line will prevent USoft from re-using Oracle statements. The workaround may influence the performance of the application.