Oracle Network Software for Client PCs

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If you use the Oracle RDBMS, you need SQL*Net or Net8 Client software to run Oracle on a network. At least 8 Mb of RAM is recommended for client PCs accessing Oracle over a network using SQL*Net.

If you use an Oracle 8 RDBMS with Net8 Client software, a database service name (previously called a database alias) has to be specified. This can be done with, for example, Oracle's Net8 Easy Configuration tool. The service specification will be added in an oracle configuration file called tnsnames.ora.

The specification includes a network connection protocol. If the database server is on your local PC, the connection protocol should be set to the Bequeath protocol. In the sample tnsnames.ora file the default service name for this connection is "Beq-Local". You have to specify the service name on the database tab of a USoft Binder project.Refer to your Oracle documentation for details.