Uninstalling USoft Series Products

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You can uninstall all USoft Series products at any time, using the Add/Remove Programs facility.

To remove all USoft Series products from your system:

1. From the Start menu, choose Settings, followed by Control Panel.
2. From the Control Panel, choose Add/Remove Programs. The Install/uninstall tab of the Add/Remove Programs dialog is now displayed.
3. In the lower half of the Install/uninstall tab page, select USoft Series, click the Add/Remove button, and in the resulting dialog, click Remove All.

All files, folders, registry entries, shortcuts, etc. that are associated with USoft Series products will be removed from your system.


When uninstalling, you may have to confirm if it is OK to delete the files XtComm.dll, Client32.dll and Upgrade.dll. You can confirm this.