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The USoft Binder is the point of entry for all users of USoft applications (developers and end-users alike). The USoft Binder not only enables you to group the tools/applications that you need for a certain project, it also automatically generates the required command line options.

For each "project", you can specify which applications, database, repository, user name and password to use. You can also specify whether you want to run from the (RDBMS) repository or from flat files. Optionally, USoft Binder will remember your user name and password so that you do not have to specify it the next time.

For developers, a project file will typically include the Definer, Windows Designer, Authorizer, the application(s) under development, as well as tools such as USoft Batch Definer, USoft BenchMark, etc.

Any project file can have an unlimited number of so-called free objects. These enable you to start up non-USoft applications, such as your favorite word processor or report writer.

The USoft Binder is also used to create tables for applications and USoft Series products in the repository or production database, and to populate them with initial data. See the USoft Binder help for more information about USoft Binder, and details of how to use it.