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Export Definitions are shopping lists containing all the items you want to shop out of a repository.

Export Definitions can contain:

· Business Areas


· Business Objects


· Rule Sets


· Tables


· Domains


· Constraints


· Decisions


· Menu Pages


· Indexes


· Sites

An export definition may contain any number of combinations of these types of objects.


In addition to the objects described below, it is also possible to include all reserved words for the export.

To create an export file, use the Create Export File dialog. This dialog asks you to supply the ID of the export definition and the name of the export file. During the export an indicator shows which objects are processed and what the progress is. At the end of the export, an export log record is added to the Export Logs Table.


If you define a Business Object with subtypes in the structure, calculate/add data contents, and then export the Business Object, the subtype definitions and presentations are not added to the export file.

If you add the supertype table directly to the export definition, and include subtype tables, then the subtype tables, definition, and presentation are added to the export file.

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