How to Monitor Workload

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To obtain workload information:

· From the menu bar, choose TeamWork, Workload.

In the TeamWork Workload menu, you can find business objects and rules organized from a workload perspective. They are grouped as follows:

· To Approve:

Shows all business objects (or rules) that are defined but not yet approved to be built.

· To Build:

Shows all business objects/rules that are defined and approved, but not yet built.

· To Test:

Show all that are defined, approved and built, but not yet tested.

· Other Business Objects:

Show all business objects and rules that are not being developed in the right sequence, e.g. those that are built without being approved.

· Choose the group for which you require information.

Depending upon the choice you made, an appropriate window is displayed. Enter extra query specifications to obtain the workload information for a particular object or group of objects.