How to Trace a Business Rule's Life-Cycle

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USoft TeamWork can be used to trace information about a Business Rule's life-cycle.

To trace a business rule's life-cycle:

1. Retrieve the rule's definition by choosing TeamWork, Definition, Business Rules and Processes from the main menu, and then querying the rule by (for example) its ID or its Definition text.
2. To view automatically logged and time stamped changes to the rule's Definition text, its status flags (Defined, Approved, Built, Tested), team members associated with these flags (Defined By, and so on), and its Priority and Repository Version attributes, click the Status History tab page.
3. To trace team communication and problem report, debug and fix information about the business rule, choose Related Notes ordered by Repository Version. For specific queries, you may prefer to use the Notes window reached by choosing TeamWork, Communication, Notes and to query the information using the Business Rule ID as a search condition.
4. To view implementation information, click the Implementation tab page, paying particular attention to Repository Version values.


Repository Version information is essential at all these levels for those tracing a business rule's life-cycle. Make a point of keeping correct version information. Make sure you set a current Repository Version so that new Business Rules and Notes are automatically version-stamped.