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The objective of the Define phase is to develop the system in an iterative manner. The repository-based system is shown to managers and users. Their feedback is discussed, and incorporated into the system. By iterating this process, the system is brought to its full functionality. The define phase has three sub-phases:

· Structure definition


· Rule definition


· Interface definition

During the first two sub-phases, the information need and the business rules are defined, describing how the organization works with its information, and how it should be shielded from errors or misuse. The information model and the rules are all stored in the repository. This information constitutes a large percentage of the knowledge of the organization. The system generated at this point could actually run as an operational system, with the default user interface, and is referred to as the core system.

All of this can be designed beforehand, via business objects and rules describing the full logic and use of the applications. From the data contents definition of business objects, and the implementation definition of business rules and business objects, cross references can be made from the design to the actual model in the repository. Mechanisms are already in place to cover issues such as changes due to iteration, decision making, and testing.

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