Priority attribute for Business Rules

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You can set the Priority of a Business Rule to one of the following values:

· Must Have.


· Should Have.


· Could Have.


· Would Have.

In order of descending importance, these values can be used to indicate how important it is for the customer that the rule is implemented in (i.e. enforced or supported by) the information system.

In combination with the Repository Version attribute and the Built status flag, the Must Have flag can be used to determine whether all the work associated with an upcoming version release has been completed, or what are the tasks that must minimally be performed before that version release is possible.

When budget or time is too limited to implement all the rules, the Should Have and Could Have flags can be used to determine which tasks should be favored over others or which should be implemented first.

The Would Have flag can be used to mark rules that are on the 'wish list' but that are unlikely to be executed soon because of constraints on budget, time or resources.

Together with the Approved status attribute, the Priority attribute is the most suitable for exposure to the customer. Customers can be asked to indicate how they want the development budget to be spent by setting Priority flags.

The Priority attribute is not usually appropriate for rules with Required Implementation set to No.