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Sources are places where TeamWork specifications were discovered. The Source of a Business Rule indicates "where the rule came from".

Examples of Sources are meetings and sessions, documents such as forms and e-mails, reports of telephone conversations, and information found in legacy software. You can store documents as part of the Source definition in USoft TeamWork.

Development teams often "discover" new rules that were not explicitly stated during direct contact with the customer or in a customer's writings, but that seem a logical consequence of another more explicit rule. Such rules may be entered as separate Business Rules marked by setting their Source to a value INFERENCE (for logical consequences), INTERPRETATION or ASSUMPTION (if there is no compelling logical consequence or if the development team is not sure). The new rule can be related to the original rule by setting its Belongs To attribute to that rule.

It is a good idea to have rules with this type of Source systematically validated by the customer at a later occasion. The Approved flag should be set to Yes to indicate that this has happened.