Using an External Business Process Modeling (BPM) Tool

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You can use USoft in combination with dedicated Business Process Modeling (BPM) tools. Benefits of these tools include

· The ability to describe or represent a process step once and then re-use it in multiple higher-level processes; conditional branching and repeat loops for business process steps.


· Graphical representation of process flow in service-oriented architectures, including conditional branching, loops, functional and temporal dependencies between processes (as depicted in "swimming lanes" diagrams).

To use this approach in USoft TeamWork:

· Use USoft TeamWork as the source repository for data-oriented Business Rules, not process-oriented information.


· Use the BPM tools as the source repository for process-oriented information and implementations.


· Use Business Process Step records specifically to refer to information stored in your BPM tool.


· In Implementations, refer to Business Rules, not to Business Process Steps.


· Connect USoft implementations and BPM implementations by appending Business Rules to Business Process Steps using the Belongs To field.