How to Create a Violation Report

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To create a violation report:

1. Start the application, and open the SQL Command dialog.
2. Enter

 action TopTest()

 in the SQL Command dialog, then click Execute.


You can start BenchMark automatically from USoft Binder by bringing up the Properties tab page for the application, and set the Run USoft Benchmark check box.

3. In the USoft BenchMark toolbox, double-click the Report Configurations object in the Test Database list.

The Report Configurations window is displayed.

Enter the following information:

· The name you want to give to the report configuration in the Name field.


· The path and filename for the constraint violation report file in the File for Constraints field.


· The path and filename for the relationships violation report file in the File for Relationships field.
4. In the USoft BenchMark Toolbox, click the Save button.
5. From the Special menu, choose Constraint violations, or Relationship violations.

 The appropriate window is displayed.

6. Accept the default filename, enter a new one, or click Browse to find an existing file.

Note that if you use an existing filename, the file will be overwritten without any further warning.

7. Click OK to create the report and close the window.
8. View the report(s) by using WordPad, or a similar editor to open the file(s) created earlier.