How to Run the Clean Up Wizard

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To run the Clean Up Wizard:

1. From the Upgrade Tool's File Menu, choose Clean up After Upgrade.

The Clean up Wizard appears.

2. Type the user name and password you use when connecting to the database.
3. From the pull down list in the RDBMS field, choose the RDBMS type you are connecting to.

Note that the RDBMS type you specify here must be the same as the type you specified when you installed the USoft Developer Series.

4. In the Database field, specify the string you use to identify the database to which you are connecting (sometimes known as a connect string). For Oracle over SQL*Net V2, for example, this would be of the form:


See your RDBMS documentation set for more information.

5. Press Next to continue. A second dialog is then displayed.
6. Click Finish to start the clean up procedure. Note that this may take some time.