Overview of Upgrade Procedure

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This section provides an overview of the steps required to upgrade a USoft application to USoft 8.

To upgrade a USoft application:

1. Make a backup of your repository, using RDBMS vendor utilities. Refer to your RDBMS documentation for more details of how to back up your system.
2. Check the topics in "Notes on Upgrading to USoft 8" for information that you should be aware of before upgrading the application.
3. Create Violation Reports for this repository using USoft BenchMark.
4. Correct all violations reported in Step 3.
5. Install the USoft 8 products for which you have a license.


As of USoft Developer version 6.1, prior to upgrading, you must reinstall the License Server.

Refer to your Setup Help for details of how to install a Server based License (and for troubleshooting any license problems) and for details of how to install USoft Developer products.

6. Start the automated upgrade procedure and run the Upgrade and Clean Up Wizards. Note that the automated upgrade procedure may take some time to complete.
7. Create a Violation Report for the upgraded repository using USoft BenchMark 8.
8. Correct all violations reported in Step 7.