Upgrading from Version 7.0 or 7.1 to USoft 8

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The procedure for preparing a version 7.0 or 7.1 repository for upgrade is very straightforward. First of all, make a backup of your repository. Before upgrading your repository, you should create a violation report of the repository using USoft BenchMark and fix any problems identified in the report. If you wish to import a USoft TeamWork export file into a USoft 8 repository, there is a standard procedure you must follow.

When upgrading from version 7.0 or version 7.1 to USoft 8, the Upgrade routine will:

· Upgrade the Authorizer:
· Add and modify columns of the Authorizer tables.


· Remove references to USBATCH as a separate application from the Authorizer.


· Update the deployment configuration settings.
· Upgrade USoft BenchMark:
· Add and modify columns of the USoft BenchMark tables.
· Upgrade the Definer, Windows Designer and Web Designer:
· Add and modify tables and columns for the Definer and designers.


· Run job to add publication properties.


· Run job to upgrade Web Designer properties and convert tasks into Window Sets.


· Run job to refresh cross-references in decisions, alter system messages, and remove obsolete data.


· Run job to check SQL Tasks and set correct flag accordingly.


· Run job to check Import Tasks and set correct flag accordingly.


· Run job to check External Sets and set correct flag accordingly.


· Run job to set correct flag of jobs.


· Run job to check decisions and set the correct flag accordingly.


· Upgrade publications.


· Upgrade menu definition.


· Upgrade translations of messages.


Once started, the upgrade can take some time to complete. This is normal behavior.