Error Messages

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When using the USoft Remote Rules Service API, message boxes might pop up whenever a severe error occurs (for example a RDBMS error). It is possible to re-route these messages to a file. This can be done by specifying a valid file name in the resource *odbcErrorFile in the APP\USDI file.

Notice that when a complete path is specified, the backslash character needs to be escaped by an additional backslash character, for instance:

C:\\temp\\ODBCerrorlog.txt .


Driver specified by data source could not be loaded.


Means that the operating system could not find or load the required RDBMS connection DLL (i.e. ORA7NT.DLL, ORANT71.DLL, ORANT72.DLL, or W3DBLIB.DLL). Add the pathname where the DLL file resides to the PATH environment variable in AUTOEXEC.BAT and restart Windows to activate the new search path.


Unable to connect to data source or database server.


Means that the connection arguments szUID and szAuthStr for SQLConnect(),SQLDriverConnect(), or SQLBrowseConnect() are not correct or the data source configuration is not complete or has incorrect values. Edit the entries for User ID and Password in the configuration dialog for the data source (see Chapter 2: "Configuring the USoft Remote Rules Service API" for more details).

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