Setting Up the ADO - USoft environment

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1. To set up the ADO-USoft environment make sure you:
· Have installed both the Microsoft Data Access Components 1.5 and the USoft Remote Rules Service API 7.0.


· Can run the developed USoft application as a normal application (via usd.exe from a USoft Binder project).


· Have an application development environment that allows you to use ADO, for instance, MS Visual Basic 5.
2. In the Control Panel, configure a new ODBC data source based on the "USoft Remote Rules Service API 7.0" ODBC driver. Enter appropriate values in the Data Source Name, Application Name, RDBMS and Server/Database fields. See "How to Complete the ODBC Configuration Dialog" for more information.
3. Create a new application using your application development environment. For instance, in Visual Basic 5, define a new project and enable the ADO 1.5 ActiveX component (activate Project/References.../Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 1.5 Library). This will import the msado15.dll.
4. Develop the application, connecting to the USoft application by using SQL statements in ODBC syntax in the ADO script elements.